Streamer Collection by Lively Legz

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Lively Legz Streamers are full of life and movement just like our Lively Legz nymphs.  Below you will find a description for each streamer.

1.  Slump Buster- The Slump Buster available in olive, black, and natural is the perfect little meaty offering to entice that timid trout. The squirrel collar pushes a lot of water and the tail exhibits lifelike motion. The gold bead adds weight and flash. Perfect even in high off colored water.

2. Full Pint- The Full Pint streamer is an articulated streamer that just screams “eat me.” Measuring in at approximately 3” it is large enough to entice that fish of a lifetime yet small enough for those average size trout to feast upon. Available in olive, black, brown, tan, and white.
Credit to Dominic Swentosky and Troutbitten. Link to the Full Pint-

3. Half Pint- The baby brother of the Full pint. This single hooked streamer is about an inch shorter in length than the Full Pint. One of our favorite streamers and searching patterns. Equipped with 2 trailing beads that certainly touch upon those trout instincts to trigger that aggressive strike. Available in olive, black, brown, tan, and white. 
Credit to Dominic Swentosky and Troutbitten.

4. Zuddler Minnow.- Measuring in at approximately 3” the Zuddler Minnow is one of the most versatile streamers ever designed. It has great movement, flash, and swim style. Effective on trout, bass, and steelhead. Tied with a cone head bead to get down in the “zone".

5. Bank Robber- One of the best streamer designs for those large predatory trout. The Bank Robber is articulated and moves a lot of water. Great for drifting in logjams, undercuts, and even a great nighttime pattern. Available in black, brown, and olive.

6. Peanut Envy...measuring in at just under 4” this streamer has it all. Articulated for movement, just the right amount of bling, and a cone head bead that gives it that little extra weight to get those big boys up off the bottom and feast. Available in black, white, olive, and brown.

7.  Hoochie Mama- Our largest articulated streamer measuring in at approximately 4”. Equipped with a fish mask head this streamer can be deadly in the swing or stripping with sudden pauses to look like a struggling baitfish. Lightweight so it can be fished in shallow waters or along the banks of your favorite streams. Great for both trout and bass. Available in white, black, and olive.

8.  Sculpin Bunny- The sculpin bunny is approximately 3” in length. Composed of rabbit fur and strips this fly spells durability. The bunny fur has irresistible movement which drives fish insane. The sculpin masks makes this streamer very versatile. 

9.  Sculpin Squirrel Bunny- Much like the Bunny Sculpin with its durability and irresistible movement the Squirrel Bunny will certain move a bit more water with a moderately sized squirrel collar. Measuring in at 3” this little guy can produce great results.

10.  Articulated Mini Sculpin-  Unique to its own self this little gem was designed with straight up fish attractant materials. It has wiggle, it has bling, certain to catch the eye of the most wary trout. This articulated gem measures in at approximately 3” and can certainly be a game changer in the days outcome. The larger transparent bead in the center has us convinced this is what makes this little unique pattern so deadly. Available in brown and olive.