RIO Powerflex Tippet (Copolymer)

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 RIO Powerflex Tippet

RIO Powerflex Tippet is a high knot strength copolymer nylon tippet that features superb knot strength, stretch and suppleness to make this an excellent nylon tippet material for almost all trout fly fishing needs. It  is a light grey color to enhance its camouflage ability on the water, and is available from 8X to 60 lb, 

8X (1.5lb) to 0.015" (25lb) - 30 yards per spool


Size Pack Diameter
8X Single .003in (.076mm)
7X Single .004in (.102mm)
6X Single .005in (.127mm)
5X Single .006in (.152mm)
4X Single .007in (.178mm)
3X Single .008in (.203mm)
2X Single .009in (.229mm)
1X Single .010in (.254mm)
0X Single .011in (.279mm)