NET MAN by Lively Legz

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LivelyLegz NET MAN - The most innovative, hands-free net carrying system in the world!


Introducing the best hassle free, quick access, and comfortable way to carry your net on the water.  The Net Man is a new  innovation in net carrying systems, created to comfortably hold and carry your net until you need it to land that fish of a lifetime.  No more falling over backwards trying to get to your net; the Net Man is here to assist you like an extra hand on the water.

This Three-Piece Net Security System Includes:

  • The HOLSTER:  Custom designed to securely clip on to your belt, holding your net in a comfortable position at your side.
  • A magnetically secured MOUNTING BRACKET:  Attaches to your net allowing it to hang securely in the holster piece.
  • A LivelyLegz LANYARD:  Safely connects your net to the holster, ensuring that if you drop it in the water, your net will stay with you and not float downstream.


  • Belt Mounted Holster
  • Mounting Bracket with Screws
  • LivelyLegz Lanyard
  • Neodymium Magnetic Connection
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA
  • Veteran Owned