Lively Legz 30’ Mono Leader

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LIVELY LEGZ Mono Leaders

  If you ever been curious about a monofilament rig this is a must try. The Lively Legz Team worked with a manufacturer to produce a low stretch/ low memory high vis leader.
  This leader allows you to transition from your traditional fly line to a contact nymphing set up in seconds. No need for extra reels or spools.
  Simply connect our loop to loop connection to your already existing line and you’re off to slam some subsurface fish.
  Our leaders come in two color options: white for those spooky fish, and a hi vis yellow that’s easy to track. Attach the leader, add 4-6’ of tippet to the end of the tippet ring, (already incorporated), and go slam some fish.

  • 30’ low stretch
  • Low memory monofilament with infused sighter and tippet ring.