Lively Legz Wooden Handle Rubber Coated Mesh Net (Domestic Shipping Only)

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If you are fishing for big stocked bows, nice wild browns, or even little gem brookies our net has you covered and will help you enjoy your day on the water! 

Lively Legz Net Key Features

  • Large net opening is 15 1/2“ (L) x 11” (W) X Ranging From 12”-14" (D), Total Length is 23 ½”.
  • Catch and release style rubber coated nylon netting.
  • Detachable elastic lanyard with heavy duty swivel ring.
  • Small holes so native brook trout don’t fall through the net.
  • Ranging From 12"-14” deep.
  • Lightweight for long days on the water.
  • Stylish two-tone wood with our Lively Legz Logo on each net.