Real Deal Caddis Meal (Barbless/ Tungsten)

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    The Real Deal Caddis Meal is premium barbless caddis pattern tied with only the best materials we have to offer.  We created the Real Deal Caddis Meal on our Lively Legz Barbless 135 Lip Splitters Fly Hooks and added our Down and Dirty Tungsten Beads that gives it the weight needed to sink fast and get to those hungry trout.  Top that combo with Hareline’s Dubbing in Natural Hare's Ear for the body of the Caddis Tan and Nature's Spirt Snowshoe Rabbit Foot Dubbing for the Caddis Green, a UTC wire rib, and finished to perfection with a Fino Skin wing case and you have the Lively Legz Real Deal Caddis Meal!