Net Leash by Smith Creek

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Suits all types of landing nets
Wooden, composite or metal; short or long handled.

Works especially well when paired with Smith Creek Net Holster
Attaches to the nets yoke, where it’s clear of the handle.

10mm coil diameter equals quick, springy retraction
Expands to 6 feet.

Built tough
Rubber coated crimped ends.

Developed by Smith Creek® on the water and designed so you’ll never lose your net. Suitable for all types of nets, it works especially well when coupled to a Smith Creek Net Holster™. One end attaches to the nets yoke (hoop-handle junction), where it’s out of the way. The other clips to your Net Holster™ or belt loop.

The leash is 12” long and built tough. The coils are 10mm diameter and the attachment ends are crimped, not welded, for extra strength. And the crimps are rubber coated so they don’t scratch finishes.

Attach the Leash to your net by simply threading the looped end around the bottom of the hoop below the net, then pass the clip and coils through the loop, like a loop to loop connection. Clip other end to your Net Holster or belt loop.

Smith Creek designer Wayne Smith adds: “I’ve never found it a problem, but if you feel the metal clip gets in the way while inserting the handle into Net Holster, simply mount your Holster so the attachment hole is at the bottom. And personally, I remove all clips/hardware from the end of the handle on all my nets.”