Allegheny Native Dry / Dropper Fly Box (68Flies)

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Inspired by Allegheny Native Fly Fishing, and 100% wild trout approved, the Allegheny Native Dry / Dropper Fly Box by Lively Legz Fly Fishing is a great box for anyone out fishing native brookies or wild browns. 

    This loaded fly box is hand selected by the Allegheny Native Guys with many of their "Go To" patterns that have been proven time and time again on the water.  

    This box offers plenty of options and if you are in the mood for a dry/dropper rig, tight line nymphing, or just throwing a dry fly this box has you covered. 

    Be sure to check out the Allegheny Native Crew on the water using these flies and techniques on their YouTube Channel! 

*This selection of flies comes in a Bug Luggage Fly Box that measures 4”x 3.25”x1”

*The fly selection is as follows;

(Flies sizes 10, 12, and 14)

Side 1

Row 1: Purple Waltz Worm, Olive Brown Double Trouble

Row 2: LFL Pheasant Tail, Natural Yellow Legz Double Trouble

Row 3:Mini Mop flies,  Golden Stonefly Double Trouble

Row 4: Mini Mop flies, Rusty Brown Double Trouble/ White Double Trouble 

Side 2

Row 5: Fast Water Baetis, Royal Coachman Dry Fly

Row 6: Tan, Black, Olive Caddis Dry Fly

Row 7: Olive Stimulator Dry Fly

Row 8: Tan Stimulator Dry Fly