"The Flydrophobic SD" Loaded Tacky Fly Box (97 Flies @ approximately 1.15/fly)

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Here is The Flydrophobic SD loaded with 98 flies including 57 Lively Legz Nymphs and 40 of our great Y2k's, Sucker Spawn, Crystal Meth Eggs, GloBug Eggs, and San Juan Worms.  This is an awesome variety that will offer you all you need for any time of the year.  For more on The Flydrophobic SD read the information below on this innovative new box from Tacky.

Waterproof takes on an entirely new meaning with the Flydrophobic SD fly box. After years of development, we’ve created a waterproof fly box that we feel comfortable using. At Tacky we’ve always felt a waterproof fly box needed not only to keep water and moisture out, but we needed a box that would also help to get rid of moisture if any were to get in. We’ve all had times when we put our flies away before they’re completely dry and if that moisture is trapped inside that’s a recipe for rusted hooks and damaged flies. The Flydrophobic SD not only keeps moisture outside of the box, but it’s also breathable, allowing any moisture inside to escape. Our patent pending waterproof breathable system is the first of it’s kind, showing what waterproof means for Tacky. 

  • Patent pending molded silicone slits hold flies tight
    • Holds between 66 and 100 flies
  • Patent pending waterproof breathable box
  • Trout pattern silicone insert
  • Patent pending latch-less waterproof closure
  • Extremely durable polycarbonate box
  • Lanyard hook system
  • Hinge stop


7″   4″  x  1

8 oz